Hey Ohio, Be Safe, Not Sorry. Take Your Class Today

If you are looking for an instructor who really cares about you and what you learn,
Then I suggest you look no further.   The Reach Out Center says... WELCOME HOME!

Some Of Our Classes

    Civilian Classes (Private or Group)

We offer many classes in both private and group sessions for men and women such as...              

Conceal Carry License.
2)  Advanced Tactical & Force on Force.
3)  Advanced Revolver, Semi Auto.
4)  Basic & Advanced Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun.
5)  Personal Protection Inside the Home.
6)  Personal Protection Outside the Home.
7)  Realtor Safety and Protection Classes.
8)  Church Safety and Protection Classes.
9)  CCQC = Civilian Close Quarter Combat.
     (Politically correct way to say "kicking butt"
       without using a firearm) 

    Specialty Classes (Private or Group)
1)  PEPPER SPRAY  Special Training
     Every person should carry this!
2)   Refuse to be a Victim Seminars -      
     Geared especially for Women!
3)   Executive Club
     Corporate Instruction

4)   Hole In One Shot - 
     Classes for your Country Club members.
5)   David & Goliath
     Pastors, Church Groups
6)   Annie Oakley
     Women’s Groups and Clubs

7)   Granny Get Yer Gun
     A Fun, Educational Safety Program for
     Senior Women. 

Eddie Eagle – For Children, Safety

                  Your Instructor

More than 30 years Firearms Instruction and experience in Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun. Licensed by the State of Ohio.

1) Certified and Trained by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy (OPOTA) & S.W.A.T. Instructors.
2) Certified and Trained by the National Rifle Association (NRA).
3) Certified Pistol.
4) Certified Advanced Tactical Shooting.
5) Certified Personal Protection in the Home.
6) Certified Home Firearm Safety.
7) Certified Faculty Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response (F.A.S.T.E.R.)
9) Certified Pepper Spray
10) Certified Close Quarter Combat (CQC)

Not all classes involve firearms, but all deal with your safety!

So, whatever your situation, whether you're married, divorced, single, a single parent, working, or a stay at home mom or dad we have something for you.




We Have Our Sights On You!

Be Prepared... Not Scared!

Sad as it is, this is REAL LIFE and DEATH!  We must not live with our heads in the sand. There are 15-20 seconds that may be extrememly disturbing to some of you, but for your own benefit or the benefit of a loved one, PLEASE listen and watch the whole video.

After the "drama" the educational part of the video puts the reason to be an Ohio CCW Licensee into proper perspective.

Also, for the record, Robert Surgenor the gentleman in the above video and author of the book "No Fear" is not affiliated with our organization. I posted this here because I agree with most of what he is saying and want you the visitor to our web site to have a genuine reality check.

                    The Real World                  

In today’s society it is much better to learn to be safe now, so you won't be caught in a situation where you may be sorry later.

We welcome and encourage NOT ONLY MEN, but WOMEN OF ALL AGES to take our classes, and many have! From 21 to 81 (our eldest student thus far) there is something for everyone.

A relaxed, non threatening, non intimidating environment will make you comfortable and confident whether you are a beginner a novice or self proclaimed expert!.

Remember we are here to help and prepare you, not scare you. We understand some of you have had very little or no experience with firearms, or maybe you have been in situations that have been uncomfortable for you. We can help you overcome some of your fears.

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